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oh yeah [Sunday
Oct 14th, 07 ? 10:26pm]

hi hi hi!
just found this comm.
so, i have a request.
does anybody have a good picture of charlie dressed like the nazi?
that's be real swell.

2 Fans Charlie is God

Sep 21st, 07 ? 12:39am]


philly spoilers for ep 301/302

here @ atomicapples
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New, but odd Charlie Day video [Monday
Oct 16th, 06 ? 1:04am]

Too check out this short flim head too Charlie's Mysapce

This may not be a video you will want to watch at work. Tis a bit violent yes? But still great.
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Paddy's irish Pub T-Shirts [Monday
Aug 7th, 06 ? 4:03pm]

Order Yours Today!
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Aug 2nd, 06 ? 12:29am]

Hello, i'm a generally new memeber but a long time admirer of Charlie boy, and I've just realized i'm extremely short on good quality pictures, and i was hoping to make a few wallpapers/colorbars/headers/friends only banners/icons/etc.
So do any of you know of how I could get my hands on some or if you happen to have some on your computers perhaps linking me to them?

Does anyone have the picture with him in the aviators that the header has? That looks like it's a good size....

Plus: i've already checked out Charlieday.net and although there are some great pictures none of them were really wallpaper-able.
2 Fans Charlie is God

ATTN Charlie lovers [Friday
Jul 28th, 06 ? 12:39am]

A&E will be airing both episodes of Third Watch tomorrow. (Family Ties I & II) in which Charlie Day appeared. If you have not yet seen these I suggest you watch them, they are amazing.

They will air on A&E 2/1pm Central. Check your local listings for more info.

For screen caps of these episodes check out www.charlieday.net
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Charlieday.net has a new look [Tuesday
Jun 6th, 06 ? 3:05pm]

That's right folks Charlieday.net has a new look. Check it out. Sign the guestbook. Have fun!
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Happy Birthday Charlie Day [Thursday
Feb 9th, 06 ? 3:10pm]

Happy Birthday Charlie Day!

Also myspace users It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
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12 It's Always Sunny Icons [Friday
Nov 18th, 05 ? 1:46pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Preview: ////


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6 Icons [Thursday
Oct 27th, 05 ? 1:17am]

[ mood | blah ]



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Underage Drinking: A National Concern [Wednesday
Aug 17th, 05 ? 1:10am]

( That's Trent, Tammy's ex-boyfriend. This is classic Tammy. )
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Time and Day change for Sunny [Monday
Aug 15th, 05 ? 11:27pm]

Be advised according to www.fxnetworks.com "Sunny" has been moved to Tuesdays at 11pm. So set your VCRs or whatever. Sorry about the late notice, I just found out.
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Welcome everyone! :D [Monday
Aug 15th, 05 ? 12:19am]

[ mood | happy ]

I'd just like to welcome everyone! great job to mercedeslove on the outstanding layout! really nice!

I hope to see many more fans dropping by! :D

yay for photoshop!Collapse )

6 Fans Charlie is God

Header has been fixed [Saturday
Aug 13th, 05 ? 9:03pm]

Fixed the header, will make it nice and lined up later. For now I'm going to shower with Charlie!

Anyone willing to make an icon that might match the comm?

Images are all at www.charlieday.net
3 Fans Charlie is God

Hahah [Saturday
Aug 13th, 05 ? 5:45pm]

I have to re-do the header, because I forgot info.....that will be fixed later today. Don't worry
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Aug 13th, 05 ? 5:32pm]

Testing new layout.
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